Short film, music videos, experimental

This film is the culmination of an idea I've been working with for over two years. The goal was to create a fictional narrative out of actual footage from my life. Working this way presented many creative challenges, difficulties and long-awaited solutions. Using my iPhone 4s to film most of the movie, I was able to shoot easily at any time in any place and had culminated days of footage by the time editing and plot development began. Though the footage was not scripted, directed, or pre-meditated in any way, the narrative you are about to see is a work of FICTION, made possible through rearranging actual recorded events. The characters are portrayed as such through creative narrative assembly, and in no way reflect the factual personalities of each individual. SYNOPSIS: The film follows two college art students through a portion of their time at school. Corey, the socialite, is frequently seen partying, flirting with girls, and occasionally partaking in drug use. Zach is a diligent artist and student who is often found working alone. Throughout the development of these characters stories, a chess game across town is being played by one of their peers/colleagues, who dissects the ideology of socializing, loneliness and creativity.
Lex Nordlinger - composer/drumset Adam Snow - drumset Ian Lee - percussion Josiah Blevins - vocals Ashley Peeples - bass Neesmith Onzeur - video Recorded at Sounds Like Joe, Rock Hill SC
Short first-person pov (FPP) film project written, filmed and directed by Zach Nesmith a.k.a. Neesmith Onzeur. made for an Experimental Video class about a group of college students who break into another students house to steal a computer game that can give power to whoever possesses it.

Music Video for Nature Boy's "Nice and Easy". Shot, directed and edited by Zach Nesmith.

Me and many of my close friends are attending Winthrop University and most of us major in art in some form or another. Since I've been at Winthrop, there's rarely a shortage of DIY music shows put on by our friends using their own living rooms/dens as a stage. A few of my friends regularly book bands from all across the US at their house and it seemed there should also be a DIY space for showing art, seeing as that's what most of us are majoring in at least. So we had an idea for a show at his house that would show some of what we had all been working on for our majors. As the event grew and we talked about it we steered it more towards a performance/installation based event for the artists, literature tables/sites for writers/english majors (another familiar major). The core of the idea was to host a show of art that would constantly be happening around the attendee and not require the rallying of a whole crowds attention to watch each thing one after the other. Some of the other pieces not shown in the video included fire spinners, Danny Byron's exclusivity installation in his room (footage would defeat the purpose), poetry hung around the walls as well as DJ PVTY KERRY playing live for the night. All in all we filed the events under "successes" and plan to host more like it in the future.